Two sister’s, Hollie and Rachel with a crazy passion for pole and fitness!


We want to share our knowledge and encourage you to look after your body whilst having fun with it. We train mean with safe and correct technique, tailoring our approach to your capabilities. Understanding that you will progress differently, we do not teach a Pole Fitness class as a whole and design our lesson plans to progress you to your full potential, paying special attention to your strengths and weaknesses.


Teaching Pole fitness for over 10 years, we have lots of experience and love seeing the satisfaction of students mastering a new move. Having a laugh, meeting new people, gaining strength and muscle definition.


We absolutely love what we do and want everyone else to have the best time whilst training mean.


A FULL warm up and cool down will be performed in all classes as this is such an important part of you work out, insuring your body is kept in tip top condition………


Lets do this!!


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