• The benifits of Pole Fitness

    The benifits of Pole Fitness

    It burns LOTS of calories

    A pole fitness session on average burns more calories than going to the gym, and it’s HEAPS more fun, what are you waiting for? Book a class today.

    It builds confidence

    Which will make you a happier, healthier person – inside and out.

    It releases happy hormones

    All exercise releases endorphins, but we’d say this is especially true with Pole fitness – where you will spend at least 20% of the class having a giggle about trying to get various moves correct. Great news for your mental health.

    Improves core stability

    Having to balance and hold yourself up with your legs and arms mean your core stability will improve in leaps and bounds.

    Improved strength and muscle tone

    Again, having to hold yourself up on the pole with various parts of your body will tone you like never before – plus you’ll gain that all important upper body strength that so many of us struggle with.

    Increased flexibility

    It should go without saying, but all that stretching and bending round a pole will do wonders for your flexibility, which can only be a good thing!

    Improved cardio fitness

    Whilst Pole fitness is understandably great for toning (try holding your body up with just a leg and a arm without building some muscle), its also a really great cardio workout, helping to keep your heart and overall fitness in check.

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