What’s good people?! I’m Rach, me my Sister Hollie opened Breathe Pole & Fitness in March 2015 and what a journey we are on – forever grateful.
I started Pole Fitness in 2006 which led to starting the gym. I had no idea how to use the equipment and I hated feeling like a spare part wondering round…so I went to college and qualified in Level 2 – Fitness Instructor. I then went back to Pole Fitness and started to teach at the studio I had learnt in… I then completed Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification through the same studio and continued to teach and started to PT.
After some time of myself and my sister teaching, we had big dreams and visions from way back when we were kids of working for ourselves and being our own bosses, we both had the same interests and decided to set up our own pole & fitness studio & here we are today just learning & growing as we go, gaining more qualifications and feel we are just scratching the surface of whats to come. We love working with people and building a friendly & fun community where people feel safe, comfortable and happy to work out, building confidence and promoting a non judemental atmosphere where people feel they can show up as their true authentic self and be fully accepted.
Thank you to every single person who comes through the door, you guys are making our dreams a reality.
Love & Light – Rachel xx


Hello I’m Hollie,
I have always been in to fitness, I have tried it all, but after going to a Pole class with Rach in 2006 I knew I wanted to do this forever.
I started to teach a few years later after doing my Pole, exercise to music and Pre and Postnatal qualifications.
We loved teaching so much we decided to open our own studio and it has been the best decision!
Our fabulous instructor Katie then joined us in 2016 and our little team got even better.
I absolutely love seeing the amazing Breathe students grow and progress in body and mind and how happy they are when they nail a move, loose a bit of weight, gain some super strength or even just make some great friends.
We have such a variety of classes it’s impossible to get bored, I love teaching strength & Conditioning which is basically exercises on or off the pole with a bit of HIIT added, normally in a circuit format.
Me and Rachel also teach Buti yoga which we got certified in, in 2018 which is such such a fun energetic class!
All our students are great and we love welcoming more into our Breathe family so come join us!


Hi I’m Katie!
I started doing pole fitness in 2013, at first I was skeptical, didn’t know what to expect, thought I’d be rubbish as I had no upper body strength, and really didn’t know what I was letting myself for. Little did I know that after that first lesson I’d be hooked! I wanted to do it all the time! It was fun, it was active and it was hard work! But the difference it made to my confidence, my strength and my love of fitness made every second worth while!
With the help and support of the Breathe girls, 3 years later I started teaching and I got a whole new love of pole from the other side.
The girls I get to teach and see grow and develop on their own pole journey make it the funnest and most rewarding way to spend my evenings and weekends and I love every minute!
Doing and teaching pole is the best thing I ever started, the possibilities are endless!
If you haven’t tried pole yet, why not! Come and start this amazing journey, with some amazing people, learn lots, build strength and confidence and have fun while getting fit!

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